Admissions Process

Important Notice! During the COVID-19 pandemic, we remain virtually open and our Admissions team is available online to guide you through the admissions process and offer the best personal attention. Contact us: or 613.596.4013

Selecting a school that focuses on your child’s academic, social and spiritual growth is one of the most important decisions that you will make. Bishop Hamilton Montessori School looks forward to partnering with you every step of the way. Together we can unlock your child’s potential.

Thank you for helping us take all the appropriate precautions at this time. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

The admission process at BHMS consists of the following:

School Tour / Open House

After initial inquiry, both parents attend an open house or schedule a tour of the school. This is an opportunity for parents to visit our school, see our facility, and meet with our staff.

Parent Information Portfolio

After a school tour our Director of Admissions will provide prospective parents with a Parent Information Package and review its contents. The Information Package contains information about our school and includes: BHMS Program Guide, Parent Handbook, Parent/School Partnership Agreement, Financial Handbook, Application for Enrolment and information about School Uniforms.

Classroom Observation

An essential part of the admissions process, the classroom observation affords parents the opportunity to see our classroom and teachers in action.

Meeting with School Director

Classroom Observations are followed by a meeting with the School Director who will address additional parent inquires. The decision for acceptance of enrolment to BHMS is made by the School Director.


Parents inform BHMS Director of Admissions their intent to enrol and complete the Application for Enrolment. Director of Admissions forwards Enrolment Contract for parent review and coordinates a meeting with parents to finalize enrolment.

Classroom Placement

Students are placed in classes bearing the following factors in mind: age of the student, ratio of boys to girls in the class and class vacancy. The decision for classroom placement is made by the admissions team comprising of the School Director and teaching staff.

Acceptance Criteria

Admissions are processed in the following order: current students, siblings of current students and new students. We admit students throughout the school year if class space is available. New Elementary and Junior High students are required to spend one to two days in the classrooms where they will be informally assessed as to their suitability for our program.

Wait List Policy

Parents considering BHMS for their children, must complete and remit an application for enrolment to the School.  As applications are received they are placed on a wait list.  There is no charge to parents / guardians for being on the wait list.  There is no obligation to register for a spot should one be offered by the School. 

As spaces become available, the School will contact families on the waiting list in accordance with its acceptance criteria.  They are given a specified time frame to return the call and express continued interest in the available space.  In these instances, families who have accepted the space, will be required to remit a $1,200. non-refundable deposit within a specified time frame to secure the space.  This deposit will be applied towards the tuition. 

Families with children on the City of Ottawa’s Centralized Childcare Waitlist (CCWL), will be contacted by the School in order of their priority on the CCWL.  These families are required to follow the School’s admissions process as outlined above.

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