Not all Ottawa Daycare is created equal

If you want to give your child an advantage in life, send him or her to an advanced daycare that offers early learning skills. Study after study has proven that the earlier a child starts to learn, the bigger advantage he or she will have in life:

  • advanced learning skills
  • better-honed social skills
  • improved mental and physical health
  • richer employment opportunities

You can give your child that vital head start that will last a lifetime!

Bishop Hamilton Montessori School offers a unique daycare program in the Ottawa area. Our one and only focus is to provide a daycare service that prepares children to develop early and get a head start on life. Can your child afford to miss out on this opportunity? Space is limited, so call today!  (613) 596-4013.

What we offer your child

We follow the proven Montessori Infant program,  Montessori Toddler program and Montessori Casa program for children 3 months to six years old. Our dedicated teachers help build your child's confidence and curiosity at his or her own pace. Here are just a few of the traits we carefully help develop:

  • Real life skills, such as food preparation, self care, organization and concentration.
  • Taking initiative and working socially with other children.
  • Refining their five senses and building on innate curiosity to encourage exploration of the world around them.
  • Building an early vocabulary, pronunciation, articulation and listening, and developing an interest in communicating.
  • Building confidence in self expression through music, art, crafts and expressing ideas.
  • Development of coordination, equilibrium, and strength through a full range of physical activities.

By the time children move on from our daycare to kindergarten or grade one, they are already more advanced than "conventional" kindergarten children. Of course, we offer programs to grade eight which provides children with a leading edge going into high school. 

Do you want your son or daughter to have an advantage in life? Don't send them to just any Ottawa daycare centre - send them to the one that actually equips them to get ahead in life. Send them to Bishop Hamilton Montessori School.  Space is limited, so call today!  (613) 596-4013.

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