Give your child the edge in life, with Ottawa's top Kindergarten

What if your child could learn how to learn before other children?  That's what Montessori schools do. And the earlier they learn how to learn, the better they will do in school. The better they will do at work. The better they will do in life.

The head start your child will get in Kindergarten at Bishop Hamilton Montessori School is an investment that will pay off for the rest of your child's life.  Every year, we accept a limited number of children fortunate enough to participate in our kindergarten program.

It's never too early to learn how to learn. The advanced skills your son or daughter learns in kindergarten will result in higher grades and more satisfaction right through university.  Studies show that when children get a head start in their early years, they build better:

  • learning skills
  • social skills
  • mental and physical health
  • employment opportunities

Our one and only focus is to provide Ottawa kindergarten children the tools to develop early and get a head start on life. Can your child afford to miss out on this opportunity? Space is limited, so call today!  (613) 596-4013.

What we offer your child

We follow the proven Montessori "Casa Program" for three to six year old children. Our dedicated teachers guide your child's development in four critical areas:

  1. Practical Life
  2. Language skills
  3. Sensorial  skills
  4. Mathematics

We also provide children with a grounding in cultural subjects such as Music, Geography, Art, Botany, Science and Zoology. 

Your child will  emerge from our kindergarten program ready to excel in school and in the community.  He or she will learn to:

  • Use reasoning and imagination to explore the world around them.
  • Be observant
  • Use advanced communications skills and be a collaborative learner
  • Have a solid foundation in all educational subject matters, well beyond what conventional children have at that age.
  • Dress and groom with confidence.
  • Take initiative, show curiosity and demonstrate leadership
  • Use an enriched vocabulary and advanced math skills
  • Begin reading and writing

Give your child an advantage in life. Don't send them to just any Ottawa kindergarten - send them to the best. Send them to Bishop Hamilton Montessori School. 
Space is limited, so call today!  (613) 596-4013

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