BHMS Approach


BHMS offers a unique combination of Montessori and Christian principles integrated in all aspects of school programs. Our educational approach fosters an unparalleled graduate profile: lifelong learners who are independent thinkers that work cooperatively, are intrinsically motivated and are secure in their relationship with God.

Living Our Values

At BHMS, we strive to practice our values in everyday life at the school, special family events, and community outreach. Our students make positive contributions as small as helping younger children read and as grand scale as fundraising for our twin school in Lesotho, Africa.

Accountability to Public Education Standards

The Montessori curriculum for each level is designed to meet and exceed government learning standards regarding basic literacy and numeracy skills. The Ontario Common Curriculum documents are a guidepost to the minimum standards for students. The Canadian Test of Basic Skills is administered to BHMS students in the third year of Junior Elementary and Senior Elementary. This testing ensures that children are mastering skills required for their age level and give the children real-life experience in standardized testing.

Preparation for Life

Montessori Christian education at BHMS endeavours to prepare students for success in further educational pursuits and maximized development in all areas- intellectual, spiritual, social, and physical.

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