Camilla McGugan

I’d like to thank you all for letting me come and do my teachers practicum at your school and for welcoming me once again into the wonderful community you have built.

From 2001-2006 I was a student at BHMS and I feel that I learned a great deal as a student. I feel that those five years of education were probably the most influential years of learning that I ever had. Returning now in 2013 I feel that I have learned a great deal more. I feel that being able to experience the richness of that Montessori environment from the point of view of an educator was an experience I won’t soon forget. I have always felt that the Montessori methods of teaching can bring out the best in children helping them see why about solving a problem and not just how.

Maria Montessori invented the Montessori program to free education from the constraints of public education and her ideals have been held in present day Montessori schools. The idea of allowing the children to learn through exploring and interacting with their own environments let them have increased independence in their later lives. Montessori teachers have much more freedom in choosing a curriculum for their students, which allows them to teach their students valuable life lessons as well as their regular education. To me this is one of the most important aspects of the Montessori program as it helps its students prepare for later in their lives.

As a future educator I feel that this aspect of education is much more important than learning about math, science, English and other school subjects. Even if I don’t become a Montessori teacher I do believe that I will remember the experience that I had with the program and apply it in any way I can to my future classroom. Thank you once again for allowing me to spend two weeks at your school to learn about the Montessori program from a teacher’s perspective.

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