Hamza Syed

“A successful, responsible, full of opportunity and voice, intelligent, mature, well mannered, and many more skills and strengths, of an individual I became from this school. Leadership was the biggest strength I developed, which even today is a big part of my life. I am a leader today at Colonel By Secondary School and thank BHMS for everything I do. For example being captain of my hockey team, leading presentations at school, helping out students of any grade with anything, etc… and trust is what I accomplished to give and get.

2001 was the year I began at BHMS in grade 1, in Mrs. Somerville’s class, where I built my first few skills of learning as a child. In grade 4, in Mr. McLaughlin’s class, I assembled my skills in sports and was learning in a more grown up environment. Junior High was a big highlight with all the freedom to learn and grow with Mr. Ray. Being around him and accepting new experiences, in a more adult like surrounding, I began to think about the real world. I would step out of the box and would look at problems in the world from every angle possible, going into great detail with work and assignments, understanding the concepts of life through religions, cultures and knowledge, became an athlete, and questioned everything, to understand.”

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