Shivani Jain

“I was probably not the only one who was nervous on my first day at Colonel By Secondary School. It was so much bigger without a single familiar face. However, within a few days I had adapted to this life without a problem. Getting involved and taking on new challenges with an open mind was only one of the many things that I learned at BHMS. Our class stuck together as a motivated team in any situation; we encouraged and supported each other whether we won or loss.

We were also trained for independent learning. A perfect example is math: I found that BHMS had an excellent accelerated and strong math program.

As a result of the strong math basics I had obtained from BHMS, math became and remains my top grade. Being in such an environment gave me the ability to work in any situation, whether it was a group project or independent work.

BHMS played an important role in the successful student I am today. I am motivated and determined enough to pursue new challenges, my biggest one being enrolled in the International Baccalaureate Program which I have now completed. As a whole, BHMS was an eye opening experience that will always stay with me.”

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