Barbara Gundy, Former BHMS Parent

“During our daughter’s learning time at BHMS, my husband and I marveled at what she was taught—both academically and socially in the warm and nurturing BHMS environment. We watched as she and her friends grew in their independence and in their willingness to apply themselves to learn whatever was placed before them. We were welcomed into the classrooms and offered the opportunity to participate in many of the field trips and so forged a lasting friendship not only with staff but with other class members.

Robyn has excelled at a high school of over 2150 students. Her teachers comment continuously about her work ethic and her very pleasant nature and willingness to reach out to help others to succeed, all skills that she learned at BHS.

Robyn is an honour roll student and has been commended on her ability to approach topics with “different eyes” and enhanced creativity, not often seen in high school. Her math skills and French and especially Science are ahead of her peers’, again a result of her BHMS foundation. We can’t help but marvel at how she internalized these lessons through her time at BHMS and is actively living these same values and ethics despite so many possible contrary influences at high school. We strongly believe we made the “right” decision to keep Robyn at BHMS over those many years.”

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