Hermina Cheng, Former BHMS Parent

“I have two children, Silvie and Bryan Cheng, who both have benefited greatly from the education they have received at BHMS.

Silvie and Bryan are very different individuals and students. Because of that, my husband and I had the opportunity to discover the various advantages of being with BHMS.

First of all, both of my kids love the family atmosphere of the school, and it has become their second home over the past 15 years, and they know almost all teachers and staff by first name and have lots of friends they grew and still grow up with.

For Silvie, who was a very serious student, and very self-motivated person, she received the benefit of being in a multi-age classroom where she was encouraged to progress in various areas at her own pace. When the teachers felt she was ready, she was encouraged to join an older grade group for math lessons or for reading clubs. Later on, when she became one of the oldest of the class, she was given the chance to teach the younger ones, help them take care of the classroom pets and help the teacher organize the classroom, which gave her lots of pleasure and great pride. This also changed her from being a shy girl to becoming a very confident and outgoing person.

Bryan, on the other hand, was a born extrovert. He was a fun-loving guy and had lots of energy during the Casa years. He loved to move around and talk to people, and loved to do hands-on work. He truly benefited from the Montessori approach of starting concrete and then going abstract. He has strong curiosity towards things he is interested in, and the Montessori classrooms allowed him to choose what he wants to do, as long as he delivers his work with good quality. Over the years, as he matured, and his interests expanded, he now takes pride of excelling in all areas. But his fun-loving personality was not robbed away. We love the happy person who he is. He enjoys all areas of BHMS, including Atrium, which taught great values not only to Bryan but also his peers. This allowed him to grow up in a positive environment.

Over the years, we as parents have also been continuously learning. By watching our kids grow up at BHMS, we have become less nervous as parents, and we learnt to look at the big picture. We learnt to trust our kids. We have had the joy of watching them grow into happy individuals who enjoy learning, have good judgment, have great confidence, and who are passionate about what they do and care about social and global issues and humanitarian causes in general.”

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