Linda Pollon, Former BHMS Parent

“I have 4 children that attended Bishop Hamilton School for 17 years from toddler to grade 8. All four have transitioned from grade 8 to a public high school.

Because of the good foundation they received from BHMS in the form of good values and excellent academics their transition to high school was a smooth, simple good experience.

BHMS instills in young people not only excellent human life skills and values but an attitude and appreciation for learning that encourages questions, confidence and different opinions. They were also taught by example of their teachers, to respect any fellow classmates, students and teachers regardless of ability, aptitude, character or background.

This confidence and attitude inspired by BHMS has been responsible for the enjoyable high school experiences and successes my children have achieved to date. The 2 eldest are excelling in business and biochemistry in university. The 2 youngest are doing well academically and enjoying the high school experience.

I am grateful to BHMS and staff for making their transition to high school a successful and enjoyable experience.”

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