Marie Bordeleau, Former BHMS Parent

“As we were driving through the fields on our way to school from Barrhaven one day, the rising sun behind us painted the hoarfrost on the corn stubble a dark shade of orange and highlighted a thin horizontal wisp of mist floating above the field, just in front of a purple stand of mostly denuded trees. It was really quite beautiful, and I’m kicking myself for not pulling over and taking a picture of it, but anyway, I pointed it out to Emilie, because I think such sights are worth appreciating. She looked up from her book and she said, no word of a lie, she said “that’s a sign of the power and the beauty of the sunshine, Maman”.

Sometimes, motherhood has some amazing perks, like seeing first hand what an education at BHMS is doing for her child’s mind and spirit...”

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