Casa (3-6 years)

The classroom for the three to six year old child is called Casa. Within this prepared kindergarten environment, children are free to develop at their Ottawa Preschoolown pace. The Casa environment is organized into the following core areas of the curriculum:

The Casa curriculum is divided into 4 major preschool areas; Practical Life, Language, Sensorial and Math. Cultural subjects such as Music, Geography, Art, Botany and Zoology are also major components of the Casa curriculum.

Skills your child will gain during the casa years:

  • Confident with self-care (dressing, cleaning, etc.)
  • Beginning to read and write
  • Observant
  • Showing initiative and curiosity
  • Enriched vocabulary
  • Strong foundation experience of mathematical operations and decimal system
  • Strong foundation in music, art, science and geography
  • Has a global approach to learning
  • Has strong communication skills
  • Has good community living skills
  • Collaborative learner
  • Your child at 6 years old is becoming a learner who uses reasoning and imagination to explore how the universe works.
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