In the language portion of the curriculum students begin by identifying sounds and later associating them with letters.  Later, students Kindergarten in Ottawaapply this knowledge to phonics and reading.  In the Montessori system students first learn to write and only later to read.  Students are introduced to French at age four, once they are comfortable with these basic language skills.

Characteristics of language materials:

  • Initial exercises focus on hearing individual sounds
  • Children learn the phonetic sounds that letters make before learning letter names
  • Children write phonetic words with the Moveable Alphabet before they can read them
  • Children learn cursive writing
  • Scientific and precise language is given to the children
  • A phonetic approach to reading is taken

Ideas for home:

  • Speak to your child often and encourage conversation
  • Use precise and rich language
  • Read to your child daily
  • Sing with your child
  • Do not work on academics at home unless it is requested by the Director
  • Do not teach your child the names of letters – it confuses the phonetic process
  • Read a variety of materials to your child and ask probing questions
  • Practice rhyming
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