The math materials, like all other classroom materials, focus first on the concrete and then move toward abstraction. Students first Ottawa Christian Kindergartenfocus on the numbers one to ten, mastering quantity, then the symbol and finally associating the two. A complete comprehension of this first stage is essential as it lays a solid foundation for future work in the decimal system. Students will be exposed to the operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division before they leave the Casa program.

Characteristics of mathematics materials:

  • Children learn quantity, then symbol and then associate the two
  • Abstract math and memorization of facts is a final step in our program
  • Children work with the concrete materials
  • Math focuses on the process, not the product

Ideas for home:

  • Do not teach your child the math facts- they will first experience math through the sensorial materials
  • Encourage your child to count everything – cutlery on the table, oranges in the grocery cart, etc.
  • Count orally – establish the pattern/sequence of numbers
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