Infant (3 to 18 months)

NEW! Infant Program Launching September 2015

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The Infant community is a special environment meant to replicate the home. The children will enjoy warmth and care while developing many life skills in a safe and loving environment. Hand-eye coordination, grasping skills, coordination of the body through movement and independence are skills your child can explore at his/her own pace.

Preparing for a new experience

There are some things that you can do at home to help your baby get ready for school, which will help to make the transition easier: 

Play object permanence games with your child, i.e. hide and seek with people and objects.  This is an important piece of understanding for a child in a group care setting for the first time.  Children who understand that objects and people are not gone even when they are not visible have an easier adjustment to being away from home.  

Practice observing your child.  If your baby is interested in an activity that does not require your participation, sit back.  Watch and wait to see what your baby will do next. Give your child the opportunity to develop the ability to concentrate and to play independently.    

Exercises in the Infant Program

The materials or “exercises” in the Infant room will offer your child the first experience to make choices. Infants are free to explore all that the environment has to offer. They will spend time with age appropriate materials and aids to foster development in coordination, language skills, hand eye coordination, eating and dressing. Music and stories are a daily part of the infant program, as well as outside play in the Infant park.

Our Sleep Routine

In the Infant room, we do not have a set schedule for naps.  Each baby’s needs are different, and we are sensitive to this.  We observe each baby carefully, and when we observe signs of tiredness we will prepare the child for a nap.  The diaper is changed and the child is given their own special sleep toy or security blanket, if they use one.  Each baby has their own crib in our sleep room, and soft music plays in the background to help them drift off. 

Eating in the Infant Room

The feeding routines that you and your baby have established will be followed in the infant program.   Infants, when weaned, are encouraged to use utensils and are given the opportunity to self-feed and drink small amounts from a cup.

A daily log of eating and diaper changes will be tracked and reported for parents.

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