Junior Elementary (6-9 years)

There are two levels of elementary programs at Bishop Hamilton Montessori School. The Junior Elementary is for children aged six to jr_elementary.jpgnine years. Equipped with rudimentary reading, writing, and math skills, as well as an exposure to geography, biology, and arts in the Casa program, these children are ready for Great Work.

The junior elementary students now become aware that they are responsible for their time and work to meet government curriculum standards.

Three years later, the nine and ten year olds are ready to continue their studies and development of independence in the Senior Elementary class. Here they gain technology skills for internet research and word processing.

Cosmic Education - Integrated Montessori Approach to Elementary Education

Cosmic education goes beyond the minimum educational requirements. Throughout the elementary program students are exposed with increasing detail to the Great Stories: Creation of the Universe, Timeline of Life, Timeline of Humans, The Story of Numbers and The Story of Language.

Montessori lessons address reading, writing, mathematics, geometry, physics, chemistry, biology, economics, history, art, geology and geography. The Montessori concepts and skills development are an enriched program with a lot of scope. Each child is challenged to his/her personal best.

BHMS Curriculum Overview


  • The Decimal System
  • Advanced Counting
  • Four Operations
  • Signed Numbers
  • Estimation
  • Word Problems
  • Graphing
  • Time (Analog)
  • Money
  • Roman Numerals
  • Memorization of Basic Facts
  • Squaring
  • Common Fractions
  • Decimal Numbers
  • Measurement
  • Ratio


  • Congruence, Similarity, Equivalence
  • Study of Angles
  • Study of Quadrilaterals
  • Study of Solids
  • Study of Lines
  • Study of Polygons
  • Study of Triangles
  • Study of Circles


  • Parts of Speech
  • Verb Conjugation
  • Grammar and Mechanics
  • Technical Elements
  • Word Study
  • Sentence Analysis
  • Language Arts
  • Handwriting (Penmanship)


  • Composition of the Earth
  • Sun and Earth
  • Work of Air
  • Human Beings on Earth
  • Three States of Matter
  • Work of Water


  • History of the Earth
  • Human Prehistory
  • Time
  • Human History


  • Kingdom Vegetalia
  • Kingdom Animalia

Specialty Subjects

FrenchMusicReligious Studies

Physical EducationArtScience

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