Key Experiences in the BHMS Junior High program

Each school year begins with a camping retreat to build class cohesion and begin integrated studies and culminates with a five-day bicycle tour in June. The September retreat includes an exploration of farming life, the creation of a group social contract, and experience living, cooking and cleaning as a class community. The Bike Trip is demanding physically and mentally; there is significant challenge in planning, training, and accomplishing the distance as well as meeting the needs of food and shelter as a group.

Further key experiences include Pedagogy of Place (i.e. City of Ottawa Studies), Curriculum of Caring (community service in the school and beyond), Occupations & Practical Work, Physical Challenge/ Adventure Outings, Drama/Musical Theatre Production, Science Fair, Cultural Excursions, and Marketplace tradeshow. In Grade 8, adolescents participate in a week of University of Ottawa Enrichment Mini-courses to explore such diverse topics as superheroes, songwriting, Canadian identity and applied chemistry.

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