BHMS offers the following Montessori programs:

Montessori philosophy is renowned. Dr. Montessori, founder of the “Montessori Method” based her new education on scientific observations of the child. Shefound the best environment had these characteristics:

  • Development of the whole child.
  • A scientifically prepared environment facilitating learning through sensory, sequential, and self-correcting progression.
  • Multi-age groupings reflecting societal reality.
  • Freedom within limits.
  • Trained adult maintaining the environment, who is a role model, demonstrator, and record keeper.

Bishop Hamilton Montessori School offers a caring stimulating environment where children are encouraged to reach their potential in all areas. After completing our program children can expect to have developed crucial skills that serve a lifetime, such as problem solving, attention to detail, joy in learning, deep concentration, ease with different age groups, a tolerance and commitment to others, and a respect for the natural wealth of the world.

Key Montessori principles practiced at Bishop Hamilton Montessori School aid this development: uninterrupted work cycles, grace and courtesy lessons, care of the environment, freedom with responsibility, repetition of key concepts with a variety of materials, and no limit on academic interest. At the elementary level “going-outs” to gather data, field trips, sleepovers, hikes and sporting events complement the older child’s personality.

Music is essential to a well-rounded development. Bishop Hamilton Montessori students have the opportunity to sing in the choir, play a musical instrument, and partake in performances and plays. Specialists ensure children receive French and physical exercise. Our science laboratory allows the older children to refine their scientific skills.

Interwoven throughout our programs is our commitment to teaching Christian values. The Good Shepherd Atrium, run by a trained catechist, invites the child to know God’s love for the world, and for the child.

Our goal is to meet the needs of the whole child, so staff works closely with parents to provide a challenging, exciting, yet safe environment.

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