Senior Elementary (9-12 years)

During the year of 3-6, your child has been learning the basis for all academic concepts. The Casa student enjoys activities that allow him/her explore   senior_elementary_student.jpgthe immediate world around them. The Casa student enjoys almost anything that he/she can touch, feel, explore, and experience. At the age of 6, the child changes immensely. Given the opportunities available in the Casa program, your child has grown, matured, and become comfortable with the world, and is now ready for more.

The Elementary student is beginning to develop one of humanity’s most unique skills: the imagination. The Montessori program for the elementary child addresses that newly found skill, and satisfies the needs of the imaginative student. The holistic education that is provided for your child allows him/her to learn how to connect everything they learn, together. Our curriculum introduces concepts that have previously not been shown in an attractive and imaginative manner, sparking the interest and allowing the child to continue their exploration on their own. In more concrete subjects such as math, the students learn all concepts with hands-on materials and later expand their knowledge with abstract work. The Montessori materials are incredibly complicated and simple all at the same time.

The genius behind their depth allows the directors to teach concepts that are much more complicated than expected for this age. Montessori students often will easily work through an algebra or cube root problem before they finish the Sr. Elementary program. Learning complicated concepts in this way, allows the student to internalize the meaning of the concepts and remember it’s just for life.

Cosmic Education - Integrated Montessori Approach to Elementary Education

Cosmic education goes beyond the minimum educational requirements. Throughout the elementary program students are exposed with increasing detail to the Great Stories: Creation of the Universe, Timeline of Life, Timeline of Humans, The Story of Numbers and The Story of Language.

Montessori lessons address reading, writing, mathematics, geometry, physics, chemistry, biology, economics, history, art, geology and geography. The Montessori concepts and skills development are an enriched program with a lot of scope. Each child is challenged to his/her personal best.

BHMS Curriculum Overview


  • Powers and Multiples
  • Binomials and Trinomials
  • Fractions: Level 2
  • Decimal Numbers
  • Fractions: Level 3
  • Study of Interest
  • Square Root
  • Integers
  • Cube Root
  • Introduction to Statistics


  • Congruence, Similarity, Equivalence
  • Review of Angles
  • Review of Quadrilaterals
  • Study of Circles
  • Measurement
  • Review of Lines
  • Review of Triangles
  • Study of Area
  • Review of Solids
  • Study of Volume


  • History of Language
  • Word Study
  • Logical Analysis
  • Language Arts
  • Written Skills
  • Parts of Speech
  • The Verb
  • Handwriting
  • Grammatical Elements
  • Oral Skills


  • Universe, Solar System and the Earth
  • Solar Energy and the Earth
  • Movements of the Earth and Consequences
  • Atmosphere
  • Works of Wind
  • Hydrosphere
  • Economic Geography


  • History of the Earth
  • Human Prehistory
  • Ancient Civilization
  • Classical Civilizations
  • Medieval History
  • Early Canadian History


  • Kingdom Vegetalia
  • Kingdom Animalia
  • Kingdom Protoctista
  • Kingdom Fungus
  • Kingdom Prokaryote
  • Ecology
  • Taxonomy

Specialty Subjects

FrenchMusicReligious Studies

Physical EducationArtScience

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