Junior High Science Fair

The BHMS Enriched Science Program provides students with a meaningful and interesting learning experience that applies to their every day life through the approach of the Montessori philosophy. Students study every department of science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science and Engineering. We accomplish our approach through the use of:

  • An integrated curriculum
  • Cooperative learning
  • Limitless scientific studies enhanced through Going Out experiences and participation in science exhibitions and science fairs from school level to national level
  • Knowledge, skills and habits of mind required for safe participation in science and technology hands-on / minds-on activities
  • Creative laboratory work followed by comprehensive laboratory report writing
  • Scientific language to communicate effectively through oral and written presentations

Outcomes of a BHMS Enriched Science Program Relate Science & Technology to Society and the Environment (STSE)

Students will develop an understanding of the nature of science and technology and relate them to society and the environment.

Skills - Students will develop the skills required for scientific and technological inquiry, for solving problems, for communicating scientific ideas and results, for working collaboratively, and for making informed decisions.

Knowledge - Students will construct knowledge and understandings of concepts in life science, physical science, earth and space science, and apply these understandings to interpret, integrate, and extend their knowledge.

Attitudes - Students will develop the attitudes that support the responsible acquisition and application of scientific and technological knowledge for the mutual benefit of self, society, and the environment.

Preparedness - Students will have a stronger foundation for the Ontario high school science.


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