Toddler (18 months-3 years)

Our child care community is specifically designed to meet the daycare needs of ambulatory (walking) toddlers from age 15 months to 3 years. The Ottawa Day CareMontessori Toddler prepared environment is a secure, positive place for developing confidence, self-control and independence through special learning activities. Your child will learn to interact socially with other children and adults outside the home and to participate in a cooperative group.

Materials are carefully designed to help children move purposefully, to communicate, and to adapt to their physical and social environment. Each young learner chooses, practices, and masters individual and group work through real experiences with Toddler-sized furniture and equipment in the daily routine of the community. Every experience is an indirect preparation for later, more sophisticated skills. For example, hand and eye coordination movement essential for writing is strengthened by painting, modeling, manipulative materials and outdoor play in the Toddler room.

Our Ottawa day care program is designed to foster the following objectives through activities that appeal to individual interests and can be accomplished at each Toddler's own pace:

  • Preparation to Participate in the Social Customs of the Child's Culture. Real life tasks such as washing dishes, preparing food, arranging flowers, using the toilet and sewing cultivate self-care skills as well as the initiative and ability to care for the environment and engage in constructive social relations.
  • Refinement of the Senses and Fine Motor Coordination. Work with Montessori manipulative materials that involve touching, tasting, listening, smelling, feeling, and hand-eye coordination meet an innate urge to explore and move, simultaneously enhancing these senses of discrimination.
  • Communication Skills. Language lessons with familiar objects are used to expand vocabulary while improving articulation and pronunciation, encourage thinking, listening, expression of ideas and the answering of questions in sentences. Art, craft, and music activities introduce the child to various techniques for self-expression.
  • Physical Development. Outdoor large motor activities such as climbing, carrying, running and walking in line, encourage the development of coordination, equilibrium, and strength.
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